Business Management Solutions

We have business consultants specialized in management processes, distribution, logistics, procurement, inventory, production, systems, information technology, innovation, organizational change management, teamwork and strategic planning.


By integrating these methodologies, MicroAccess offer Integrated Solutions for Business and Information Technologies.


We are interested not only in implement a system but a new work methodology and processes to take full advantage of the business tools. This helps us to increase the impact of successful business systems and information from our customers.


Don't forget that. . .

Hand in hand with our business partners MicroAccess offers financing and leasing plans adapted to your needs, to optimize the management of your resources.


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SAP has the most competitive solutions to the Mexican SMB´s.


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Document management solution that improves productivity.

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Microsoft CRM

The customer relationships are base of your business.

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Electronic Invoicing

It is a solution for sending and receiving electronic documents using digital signature technology.




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SAP® Business One

A Business, a System.


SAP has the most competitive solutions to the Mexican SMB´s.


Solution is a simple, affordable and integrated business management, designed especially for SMB´s.
It's the tool that models and automates all processes of your company.


With its 360-degree visibility across sales, finance, purchasing, warehouse management and manufacturing, allows you to make reliable decisions, increasing the profitability of your business and levels of process control.  


Different of many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.



  • Information in real time
  • Integration of all your business information
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Making timely decisions
  • New  success opportunities


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One product, many solutions.


It is the document management solution that improves productivity, enhances business intelligence and delivering benefits across your organization.


Make business processes are more powerful leveraging your information. Through a comprehensive system for information management that integrates your electronic documents and physical documents and their legacy information and information for mission-critical applications to business processes throughout your enterprise.


With Laserfiche, you work in the same way as always but better. With a powerful functionality that improves the efficiency of existing processes, thus obtaining all the benefits of increased productivity without complication of learning a new way of working.


Laserfiche's Essence Pillars

  • Capture
  • Distribution
  • Management
  • Integration
  • Organize
  • Protect
  • Recover

Electronic Invoicing

It is a solution for sending and receiving electronic documents using digital signature technology.




  • Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Simplicity



  • Reduced billing costs by up to 67% (reduced paper costs, printing, distribution, storage, custody, etc.)
  • Secure transaction and no errors
  • Documents protection
  • Efficiency in billing process
  • Facilitation of relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Better and more control in generation, validation, consultation, distribution and storage of CFD's
  • Speeding up payment and collection management
  • Compliance with the requirements of the SAT and market demands


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The customer relationships are base of your business.


The complexity of the current market, the number of variables involved in the marketing of products, after sales services and the evolution of your company activities require the use of tools to help you know what your customers need.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a perfect business solution designed to meet the three key challenges of any CRM initiative:


  • Adoption by users
  • Business adaptation
  • Total cost of ownership


It is an easy to use, easy integration and maintenance of an efficient and reasonable as it offers a full suite of marketing, sales and customer service, all with a familiar user experience, since it is based Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook.


  • Work like you: Large capacities of CRM experience with Microsoft Office.
  • Works like your company: Flexible design and consistent processes with business vision in real time.
  • Work with advance  technology: Fast to deploy, easy to customize and manage.


With a CRM solutions  get:


  • Information and data necessary to add value at every business relationship
  • Fast location of customer records
  • Resolution of problems instantly
  • Customer satisfaction maintenance
  • Increase sales